As our award-winning client, the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA), serves an area of 1.2 million residents and provides more than 19 million passenger trips annually. Our team of data-driven storytellers actively supports COTA’s transformative goal to transcend their role as a “transit authority” to become a “mobility solutions provider.” From 20-word Tweets to 20-page reports, the Hunter Team intentionally centers our efforts in COTA’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. COTA’s new, purposeful, data-influenced brand voice relies on intentional, authentic storytelling and powerful photography and videography.

In our work with COTA, we are a full-service marketing agency that provides large- and small-scale project management, social strategy, video production services, day-to-day social engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and media buying.

This Labor Day 2020 video, made by our team, went viral across multiple COTA social channels. On Facebook alone, the video post garnered over 55,000 impressions and hundreds of heartwarming, thankful comments and well-wishes to Team COTA.

In September 2020, our team created this How to Ride COTA video for students at The Ohio State University. The lighthearted, funny tone communicates essential riding information in a style that resonates with college students.

Prior to our introduction, COTA’s social media strategy focused on sharing relevant news, rather than creating strategic content.

Working hand-in-hand with COTA’s marketing department, Hunter played an integral role in transforming COTA into a compassionate, empathetic community partner in the social sphere. Communicating essential information is still a critical part of COTA’s marketing, but we also incorporated a narrative-based content strategy that highlights the people and values that make COTA move. At the heart of this transformation was a fundamental change in how COTA communicated with customers on social media: rather than talking at customers, COTA facilitated dialogue with customers.

We are particularly proud that, through a close collaboration with COTA’s Customer Care team, we increased COTA’s social response rate by more than 30 percent, year-over-year. By facilitating cross-departmental trainings, Hunter helped dramatically increase in the rate at which COTA replies to customer inquiries.

To support the accessible, friendly tone we created, our team introduced a robust video and social strategy, which includes the debut of our Rolling Forward video series. Rolling Forward videos humanize members of Team COTA to our audience, while also positioning COTA as an innovative leader in the field of mobility. Moreover, we also launched frequent Facebook livestreams to further facilitate an open dialogue between COTA team members and our community.

This video, part of our Going the Extra Mile series, showcases the work of COTA Director of Customer Service Terri Elder and her team. This video received outstanding feedback across social media channels, with comments both congratulating Terri on her feature and customers thanking her team for their work.

Our Rolling Forward series shows customers the procedures and programs that make up daily COTA operations. Each one-minute video presents information in a fun, accessible format. This is the inaugural video from the series.

Our team began our work for COTA in 2020, and we are proud of our ability to navigate the year’s division and tragedy, while still nurturing strong, beneficial community partnerships and a positive, unifying social media space. 

COTA stands out among peer organizations for their intentional use of social media as a transparent, empathetic channel where each customer feels welcome and included — a rare accomplishment on social channels where contention is so common. Our content, reflecting COTA’s foundation of diversity, equity and inclusion, promotes respect and kindness among the Columbus community and broader Ohio transit community.