About Hunter Marketing

We push boundaries with smarts, thoughtfulness, empathy, fun and positive intentions.

Hunter Marketing is the only marketing communications firm with a team that leads with our hearts and acts with our brains for clients with common values. In an era of increased commoditization, we exhibit unwavering integrity and compassion, both internally and externally.

Founded and led by Elspeth (Elle) Paige-Sack, Hunter Marketing is woman-owned and led. We intentionally built the culture of our agency around our key values.

At Hunter Marketing, we are:

  • Dynamic
    • We find innovative solutions for complex marketing challenges. “Hunters” are free to think outside the box and bring never-before-seen ideas to life.


  • Compassionate
    • Empathetic to the core, “Hunters” are uncommonly kind. Fundamental respect for ourselves, our colleagues and our clients is integral to our culture.


  • Accountable
    • We believe that a more equitable, prosperous future is built by the choices we make today, which demands uncompromising accountability for how our work impacts our clients, customers, community and planet.


  • Bright
    • In the words of our founder, “Hunters are wicked smaht.” Hunter Marketing is home to industry experts, data analysis specialists and design problem solvers who bring new solutions to light.


  • Inclusive
    • We invite every team member and client to bring their true, unfiltered, authentic selves to the table because we believe that diverse leadership and perspectives build a better future.


Most importantly, our team of “Hunters” have integrity and fun!